Time Line portal is a journey through the history of the universe. It includes a walking guide that leads you from the Big Bang to the biodiversity of the present day. The history of the Universe is condensed to either a 2.5 km or 13.8 km long walk where the participants will learn about the most important events of the universe and experience its timescale. The distance on this trek corresponds to the time passing in the history of the universe and each event is marked with a meter indication. Walking guide and teaching materials are accompanied by TIme Line learning game that tests your knowledge in the history of Universe. Also the templates of Astrobiology Board Games designed by students are located in Time Line application.

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Two Astrobiology Board Games were designed by students during the dissemination and outreach workshop organized by Cap Sciences in Bordeaux, France in 2017. The board game “Evolutionary Arms Race” introduces the different environments where life could possibly exists/survive using the tardigrade (also known as space bear), the toughest animal on Earth, as a model life from. In the game “Green Planet” players travel through the history of the Earth until you reach a cleaner environment and happier planet. The games are hosted at Time Line portal – https://astrobiology-campus.eu/timeline

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Simple learning game “Origins of Life”  consist a series of tasks where player needs to put together essential requirements for the life starting from the galaxy and star system, planet in habitable zone around the central star and then picking up most important components for life and biological molecules in general. The different levels through the game are built on choice of components and if a wrong component is chosen then relevant explanation is given. Also when a right answer/component is picked up then a short explanation is given. http://astrobiology-campus.eu/origins-of-life/e

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Time Trek is a 2.5 or 13.8 km long nature hiking or city walking trail that serves as a timeline to portray the age of the universe. On 2.5 km walk one KILOMETER on the trail corresponds to 5.5 billion years and one meter to 5.5 million years in time. On 13.8 km walk One KILOMETER on the trail corresponds to a billion years, and one meter to a million years in time, different points on the trail introduce the important evens of the history of the Universe, the Earth and the biosphere. The trail starts at time zero, corresponding to the Big Bang, or the origin of the Time and the Universe. Then follows path which portray the cosmic evolution, and then the Solar system forms. Soon thereafter, the Life starts. By trekking on this trail you can find the continuum of the physical, geological and biological processes of the Big History, and get a view to the amazing scales and the amazing stories of the Big Past: The climate changes from one extreme (a frozen planet) to the other (global temperature of about 80°C), the continents drift around the globe, the mountain ranges rise and fall, and the ocean level sinks and rises by total of 300 meters. The living species die out and new ones appear – usually slowly, but in many occasion the extinctions are instantaneous, and new species appear quickly. As a scale for the time span of all these processes we can take the existence of human species, which fits into the last few tens of cm, or the human technical civilization, which fits in the last one cm of the trail.

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This exhibition retraces the major stages of the history of our planet since the formation of Solar System 4.57 billion of years ago until the emergence of Homo sapiens 200,000 years ago, through the development and diversification of life on Earth.

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Lectures from “Introduction to Astrobiology” courses held in Le Teich, Bordeaux, France in February 2016 (RED16) and March 2017 (RED17) were recorded and edited by European Astrobiology Campus project partner Innovaxiom. These courses were co-organized by European Astrobiology Campus, COST Action Origins and the French Astrobiology Society were designed as an basic teaching in Astrobiology to any student preparing his/her thesis in Astronomy, Geology, Chemistry, Biology or History/Philosophy of Sciences. The training included issues at the origins of life on Earth, its evolution and its distribution in the Universe.

see in YouTube portal the lectures recorded in RED16

see in YouTube portal the lectures recorded in RED17

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