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EAC Workshop on Science Outreach and Science Communication

The European Astrobiology Campus will host a Workshop in Outreach and Communication for Scientists from May 28 to June 3, 2017, in Le Teich and Bordeaux. This workshop aims to teach PhD students, early career scientists and staff members a broad range of methods to improve their outreach and communication skills. The workshop will focus on developing outreach activities, several communication techniques and the design and production of an educational board game. The workshop will be lead by specialists in the field of science communication, outreach activities and game design. After completing the workshop the participants will be able to easily and effectively communicate their science to a broader audience.


Download the registration form HERE
Fill in the following form and send it to Inge Loes ten Kate I.L.tenKate@uu.nl with a short CV and a motivation letter BEFORE 1st March 2017.


PhD students, early career scientists, and staff members
The maximum number of participants to this workshop is 20.
Participants from EAC member institutes will be refunded, through the EAC Erasmus+ programme according to the following rules:

► Travel expenses will be reimbursed by EAC on the basis of 275€ ( 2000 km)
► Accommodation from Sunday diner to Friday breakfast are paid by EAC directly to the center, so that trainees won’t have to pay anything for their accommodation/meals for this part of the workshop
► On the contrary participants will have to book and pay on their own the hotel in Bordeaux for the night of Friday. They will be reimbursed afterwards by EAC on the basis of 55€ (night, breakfast and 2 meals). Please keep all invoices.
Participants from other institutes are welcomed, but cannot be financially supported.

Period and Duration

: Sunday May 28 – Staruday June 3, 2017

May 28: Arrival of participants in Le Teich
May 29 – June 1: Workshops and lectures in Le Teich
June 2: Practical workshops at Cap Sciences in Bordeaux.
June 2 evening: Closing of workshop
June 3: Departure

Educational objective of the training programme

The focus of the training programme is to provide the participants with a skill set to effectively communicate their science. The objectives of the workshop are:
+ To define outreach, to map actors and opportunities
+ To acquire the basic skills for communicating toward general audience
+ To establish effective peer-to-peer communication
+ To design an educational resource for youngsters- the example of a board game
Download detailed programme HERE


Lewis Dartnell

Prof. Lewis Dartnell
Prof. Lewis Dartnell (www.lewisdartnell.com) is an astrobiology researcher based at the University of Westminster, studying how microbial life, and signs of its existence, might persist on the surface of Mars. Alongside his research he writes regular science articles in newspapers and magazines, and has appeared in TV shows such as BBC Horizon, Wonders of the Universe, and documentaries on National Geographic, Discovery and History channels. ‘The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch’ (www.the-knowledge.org) is his third book, and is a Sunday Times Book of the Year.

Vincent Jouanneau

Vincent Jouanneau
Vincent Jouanneau graduated in biology and science communication.
Vincent works at Cap Sceinces, science centre for more than 10 years. He is part of the education department where he s in charge of developing exhibitions, serious games, workshops and hands-on activities about science.
He specialized in game design to provide visitors with high qualify and fun experience.
Last year, Vincent designed and produced a board game called Sbires.

Laurence Honnorat

Muriel Gargaud

Muriel Gargaud
Muriel Gargaud studied atomic and molecular collisional processes occurring in terrestrial and astrophysical plasmas for twenty years. In 2000 she made a complete thematic conversion in the field of astrobiology. Since then she developed, through many workshops and schools, research on interdisciplinary issues on origins and evolution of life on Earth and its possible presence elsewhere in the Universe. She is the President of the Société Francaise d’Exobiologie. To know more about her: http://www.obs.u-bordeaux1.fr/exobio/en/muriel-gargaud.html

Sébastien Cursan

Sébastien Cursan
Digital media manager.
Sébastien coordinates the implementation of all digital contents and services in exhibitions and webplatforms. The digital media department team uses digital storytelling and game design approachesto improve the visitor experience.
Sébastien has a great experience as a facilitator in the science centre. Since 2010, he is in charge of the digital media department and has coordinated several projects aiming at developing digital tools and services to enhance the visitor experience


Le Teich – Parc Ornithologique – Maison de la nature du Bassin d’Arcachon, Le Teich (50kms from Bordeaux): http://www.reserve-ornithologique-du-teich.com/en/

Cap Sciences, Bordeaux
Cap Sciences is a science center based in Bordeaux, France. It develops educational and cultural programmes to provide knowledge and awareness of science and technology through exhibitions, workshops, events etc.
As a centre for scientific, technical and industrial culture approved by the Ministry of Education and Research, Cap Sciences has always acted as a link between the world of research and the public by allowing the latter to discover and understand the themes, issues and the nature of scientific, technical and technological applications. Over the years, its connections have multiplied and widened. On a daily basis, Cap Sciences connects not only with the general public including a vast number of school students, but also with a wide range of professionals from companies, industries, research centres, institutions and associations, from the scientific but also the cultural, political and business world.

Practical Information

Parc Ornithologique du Teich
Maison de la Nature du Bassin d’Arcachon
BP 11 – 33 470 LE TEICH
Parc Ornithologique du Teich
Muriel Gargaud: muriel.gargaud@u-bordeaux.fr
Cécile Marsan: c.marsan@cap-sciences.net
Tel: 0033 6 99 82 16 61