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Cross-links between geology-biology-chemistry and material sciences in space and time. Link to personal pages

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Laurence Honnorat created Innovaxiom SAS in 2007 in Paris and Innovaxiom Corp in 2012 in Boston. Innovaxiom is a structure whose aim is to bring creativity to the heart of company strategy. She has a real interest in science and technology and a passion for astrophysics, photography and the violin. For Innovaxiom, her main mission is to encourage the emergence of the creative forces hidden inside company structures. Innovaxiom creative business models: Accelerates and enhances strategic decisional processes by bringing unexpected and original ideas Offers a global vision of science, technologies and social tendencies Provides comprehensive corporate communication services Organizes leading edge conferences to create links between science and industry Links to profesional pages: Links to personal pages:

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Jorge F. Gameiro is a Researcher and a Professor auxillar at the Departamento de Física e Astronomia, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto The main research interests of Jorge Gameiro are star formation and early stages of stellar evolution. It includes multiwavelength observations and modelling of low-mass pre-main-sequence stars to study the star-disk interaction and outflows. Other interests include the characterization of the low-mass members of very young clusters and associations, and the stellar multiplicity in young stars. He is also involved in education and popularization of Astronomy. Web Page